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Nutra Nourished

Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation with Evelyn

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A private online Nutrition and lifestyle consultation includes assessing your current health goals and dietary habits. The outcome of a consultation is to help you identify and overcome any lifestyle of nutritional patterns which may be causing barriers to your success. Each consultation is unique as this will look different for everyone. Initial consultations will run for approximately 60 minutes and review consultations will run for approximately 45 minutes.

Appointments are also available for other health issues or conditions requiring dietetic intervention. Offering 1:1 private online nutrition and lifestyle consultations specialising in the management of weight, health, sports nutrition, gut health and lifestyle related issues.

Evelyn is a qualified nutritionist with a BSC Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Health. Evelyn completed her studies at Roehamption University London in 2013. Her degree is recognised by both the Australian and British Nutrition Society and she has been working in both the health and fitness industry and as a Nutritionist for over 10 years. 

Evelyn first gained an interest in nutrition from a very young age. Unfortunately she had a sibling who was terminally ill with leukaemia and this made her extremely aware of the connection between nutrition and its important in health and disease. 

Evelyn started her career in health very early from the age of 18 working in the health and fitness industry. She worked as a personal trainer and completed various health and fitness courses including sports therapy and massage.  Evelyn believes that her knowledge and professional training in Nutrition combined with her love and knowledge for health and fitness allows her to offer a complete holistic package. Evelyns goal is to help empowered people to make the best decisions in terms of their overall health, nutrition and lifestyle. 

If unsure about services offered, please contact us here before booking an appointment.