Interview with Lindsay and Margaret and how they managed to reduce their knee pain

Interview with Lindsay and Margaret and how they managed to reduce their knee pain

We have been waiting for this for a long time and finally I managed to sit with Lindsay and Margaret and them to tell me their full story - very, very exciting!

Watch how they explain how Turmeric 95% Curcumin has significantly improved their lifestyle and the lifestyle of friends and family.

I do not take this lightly and I am so, so happy to hear that our products improve the health and wellbeing of our customers - every day.

This is not fake, but an absolutely real interview with two happy customers.

Watch it yourself and see if this helps you making a better decision when it comes to finding the best dietary supplement for you - so you can live the healthy life you deserve.

Here a bit of what they told me!

Before Lindsey and Margaret retired a few years ago their life was mainly sports and working. And they loved it!

They were both active athletes (rowing, squash, surfing, hockey, diving) and had demanding jobs working as a real estate agent, office administration, and in supermarkets as demonstrators.

Sport and work were heavy on their knees…

Nowadays they go to the gym again, and continue an active lifestyle - but their knees and joints were giving them a hard time.

Margaret has been going to the gym since she was 16  and a lot of her friends have knee issues or replacements.

She had five arthroscopies but her knees did not improve.

Then her surgeon (!!) recommended turmeric as he was taking it himself.

Her friend Lindsey, who was a weight watcher leader for 20 years, recommended Nutra Nourished’s Turmeric 95% Curcumin Powder to her as it has improved Lindsey’s knees significantly!

Lindsey and Margaret are now some of our most loyal customers and have introduced quite a few of their friends to the Nutra Nourished products.

Margaret “…a friend that had a major issue in her elbow once again grinding. It's from sports and it helped with some of the shoulder issues, but once again I think it's an anti-inflammatory I presume.”

Nutra Nourished’s Turmeric 95% Curcumin Powder has improved their quality of life significantly as they can eg squad again - which was not possible prior to taking our products.

Lindsey “We're all squatting where we weren't before, so I'm being able to, you know, get up out of your chair…”

Plus, hear yourself how the 95% CURCUMIN in powder has improved the health of Lindsey’s husband - where there doctors and professionals said, there is not much he can do…until he took Nutra Nourished’s Turmeric 95% Curcumin Powder, that is when things improved.

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