7-day "eat fruit and veggies" challenge

7-day "eat fruit and veggies" challenge

Let's live a better healthier life and have some fun :-)

Get involved with our next 7-day challenge - The "Eat more Fruits & Veggies" Challenge!

Print our Fruits & Veggies tracker and mark off what you are eating every day - can you eat 10 fruits and veggies every day for a week?

Show your friends you can live a healthier life!

Share your success with them and us! How?

  1. Make sure you eat your fruits and veggies this week!
  2. Mark it off on the tracker
  3. Take a picture of you eating fruits and veggies, or your tracker - anything that shows your involvement with our latest health challenge
  4. post your picture on Facebook or Instagram with the tag @NutraNourished, also add the #NutraNourishedChallenge hashtag on your post!
  5. Post between 15th and 22nd Aug 2022 For your chance to win $100 Nutra Nourished store credit
  6. Good luck and stay healthy!

Looking forward to seeing your posts!!



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