Supplements to prepare to deal with COVID 19 - Dr. Leo Galland speaks to Mark Hyman

Supplements to prepare to deal with COVID 19 - Dr. Leo Galland speaks to Mark Hyman

I just listened to an interview this morning where Dr. Leo Galland speaks to Mark Hyman on what you can do to deal with COVID 19 and what supplements might help.

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF in this interview.

(Who is Dr. Leo Galland? Wikipedia says he is "a New York-based internist and author who specializes in undiagnosed or difficult-to-treat illnesses. His practice combines conventional and alternative therapies.")

I highly recommend for you to watch this video, but I wrote a summary for you all the same:

Galland explains how to deal with covid - pre, during and post a possible covid infection.

Galland has a diet and preventive perspective and he recommends a high polyphenol high fibre diet.

Polyphenols are essentially nutrients found in most plants and veggies. 

 This will have a great impact on the gut microbiome and general body inflammation - which is needed to prepare encountering the virus and to recover from it.

Galland recommends supplements to enhance your body to generate ACE2 which is the vital enzyme that is being destroyed by the virus.

 So what does he recommend?

1. Vitamin D - high doses

2. Curcumin - most studies anti-inflammatory natural product out there

3. Resveratrol - can be found in veggies, red wine, red grapes. It has anti- aging, anti-inflammatory effects.


He recommends to take curcumin at all stages - pre, during, and post an infection.


He mentions two studies, one from Iran (link below) and one from India (link below) - the outcomes are significant:

COVID patients who got hospitalized and who received curcumin recovered better - the curcumin had a major impact on how they recovered in the hospital.


Galland recommend 1,000mg or more of curcumin per day.

Another supplement he uses in early stages for prevention is quercitin. It is helpful in preventing COVID as it blocks the virus from attaching to your body’s cells and it is anti-inflammatory and inhibit blood cloth.

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Sources are linked below:

Study from Iran:

Study from India:




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