Your Health - Our Mission

We make it our mission to provide you the best dietary supplements possible. That is why we work only with local suppliers on the Gold Coast in Australia. We only use premium quality ingredients.

We wanna make sure that you have no need to worry about any nasties that could be mixed in with our product.  We try to make everything as simple as we can, which is why our supplements are easy to take and provide your with everything your body needs in one serve. To make it simple we offer flat $5 standard shipping ($10 for express) in Australia, in New Zealand and in the USA. Check out our subscription plan - so you don’t have to go to the trouble of re-ordering ever again.

How we help You

We don’t just sell Dietary Supplements. We sell a natural solution to what the world so desperately needs, a better diet.
There are and almost infinite number of available Dietary Supplements, and we are not here to tell you ours are the best, we want you to find that out for yourself. The human body may be a marvel of nature, but it isn’t a DNA reconstructing super structure. The world we live in is ever changing, but it has never been moving so quickly before. The food we consume today is so completely different to the food from a hundred years ago, its mind blowing. But that doesn’t mean that our body has adjusted to this rapid change in diet. The fact is, our body is really still craving the organic minerals and vitamins that only nature can provide, but is instead bombarded with chemicals, sugars, additives and other poisons that satisfy our taste buds and our rumbling stomachs, but clog our livers, kidneys and other vital organs. When examining modern Dietary Supplements, we can see that about 50% of them openly declare they are chemical compositions, that fix one part of the body by destroying another. Another 40% try to hide the fact, by writing “Natural” in big letters across their products, because they do contain some natural element, but the manufacturing process adds chemicals that make it cheaper, faster, and best of all, more harmful for you. This is why we have a simple rule for all our products - we do not add chemicals.

The Process

As opposed to other brands at the time, we decided to go for a simple approach, to solve the problems we had when we were looking for supplements. We wanted to make something so people could see everything that revolved around our products, creating a transparent and honest business, that has no secrets from you, our customer. We made things simple by making products that can be taken by themselves, in capsules or diluted in water, or added to food, to save you the trouble of having to either buy extra equipment or undergo a painstaking process to make sure the supplements are absorbed properly by your body.
We created what we had so desperately searched for, a simple, natural, and honest way of caring for the body.
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